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Another mutation tonight 


    Another mutation tonight 

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    Angelika Arendt – Intricate Worlds

    Patternbank love the incredible detail in Angelika Arendt’s intricate ink drawings and psychedelic sculptures made of polyurethane clay. The worlds Arendt creates in her work seem to morph and move in front of your eyes creating some beautiful patterns within. Check out more of her incredible work at angelikaarendt.de and on her flickr page.

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    booty got me like


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    Since it was Munday, I decided to do a small art reference project for myself. And then I decided to make it public with the following notes.

    From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

    What NOT to do (front):

    • Don’t chicken wing your arms! Although it might be easier to hold the rifle, you will make yourself a bigger target.
    • Don’t close your one eye! You will lose your depth perception, which is crucial when you are on the move, or are trying to determine how far away your target is
    • Don’t keep your legs haphazardly strewn about. You need to make sure you’re balanced!

    What to do (front)

    • Keep both eyes open
    • Bend your elbows downwards and towards the ground to make yourself a smaller target
    • Bend your knees to control the gun’s recoil + be ready to move.

    What NOT to do (side)

    • Don’t put the stock above your shoulder
    • Don’t lean back.
    • Both of the above reduce your control over the weapon and may result in a black eye, and the rifle flying backwards and out of your hands.

    What to do (side)

    • Bury the stock of the rifle into the meaty part of your shoulder
    • Lean into the gun to keep the gun under control when the recoil of the gun kicks the gun upwards or to the side
    • Bend your knees slightly to lean forward, as well as make yourself a smaller target

    Patrol/Relaxed Stance

    • The soldier is relaxed and is most likely moving around.
    • His eyes are searching for possible threats
    • His hands are still on the rifle, even if he has a sling on

    Low Ready Stance

    • Possible threat has been detected
    • Entire body shifts towards threat direction
    • Stock is shouldered 
    • Eyes are focused on the possible target
    • Gun barrel is pointed in the target’s general direction, but not directly at the target.

    Firing Stance

    • Immediate response
    • Soldier fires off shots while screaming to the other people in his team
    • "CONTACT!" or "THREAT!"
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    Kumiko 日本插画师久美子 (Japanese) - A Certain Night  Paintings

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    "Dark Tales" by Fiona Quinn

    on tumblr

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    Another preview of Masaaki Yuasa Taizen - Sketchbook for Animation Projects, released today in Japan by Asukashinsha.
    432 pages.
    Including artworks of Mind Game, Tatami Galaxy, Kick Heart, Kaiba, Kemonozume, Cat Soup, Genius Party, Crayon Shin Chan, Maruko Chan …

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    The Legend of Zelda original concept art by Katsuya Terada (Blood the last Vampire).

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    Know Your Veils: A Guide to Middle Eastern Head Coverings (PHOTOS)

    Next time you are having dinner with a Bahraini dignitary, don’t embarrass yourself by confusing the Queen’s abaya with a burqa.

    Simply read our full guide with the full explanations behind every Islamic veil here. 

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    photos by heelerandthehound

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    ★ ☆ ★ ☆ SPX 2014 Swag Shot ★ ☆ ★ ☆

    It felt so great to be surrounded by comics & creators again ♡

    Everyone was so wonderful! Met some of the most amazing exhibitors and attendees. SPX has the friendliest people! It was so great to just interact with other artists & comic lovers, exchange or talk comics. It was a joy to meet you, ilanablady and cckeb. Thank you for exchanging comics with me! I got to meet albinwonderland, who is just one of the loveliest people ever ♥ bought a copy of Princess Princess (an amazingly adorable comic by strangelykatie​). I got to pick up some more of cathyboy​’s comics. She also won the Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent and if you haven’t check out her comic, Jeremiah, you totally should! The buttpoems comics by J. Smith were the biggest hit with my group as we couldn’t stop passing the book around and reading our favorites aloud. Also helpusgreatwarrior mini comic and stickers!! ♥ ♥  Honestly, I’m so in awe of all the comics I bought this weekend! I recommend them all (pictured above). Best of all, I got to spend the weekend with some of my closest friends who I miss so much 


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